The quality of our products reflecting our company, therefore we put all of our expertise to satisfy a great quality level to meet your expectations. The clients’ satisfaction and requirement being our priority, we put every means at our disposial to offer you the best quality custom tools in time.

Therefore, RD Affûtage is equipped with reliable and performants means of control.

The quality of our products come from a rigorous archiving and monitoring of our fabrication plans as well as our client’s.


From an environmental point of view, we invested in wood fibers filtration units for the cutting oil, this ensures a better filtration while reducing considerably our environmental impact.


Our expertise allows us to satisfy your needs in terms of static and turning cutting tools and wire-cutting. Based on your workpieces’ definition plan, we conceive and design the best solutions and the most suited tools for machining your workpiece while respecting its geometrical tolerances.

We can also realize your tools from drawings, in accordance with your quality requirements.


thorough knowledge of the business


Quality & certifications

Repair capability